Dear Jane

I was having an email conversation with Tazzie last night about Dear Jane blocks. She had just posted some of hers (which i loved) and there r also so many other amazing ones in blogland that motivate me. She gave me a "hot tip"......there r some that r quite easy and u can make ur tally look healthier. Dare i do that, im such a methodical person, things must be done in order (thats why there are numbers!!), will i get stuck with all the hard ones at the end???:

Heres M-10 Simple Simon, C-3 Rayelles Fence, A-6 Uncle Homer and A-8 Florence Nightingale:

Plus F-4 Old Windmill, D-13 Field of Dreams and L-1 Windows Pane.
I gave in, this afternoon i needed something to distract me, ive worked hard all week on my new BOM and i just wanted some "me time" at the machine. I had fun but im sure looking forward to working with 6" or 12" blocks in class many little pieces in the Dj's.
Now my 1 little block will no longer be lonely in the box, yet i had forgottten what it looked like:

A1-Pinwheel Gone Awry

Im on my way!!
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh, you DJ blocks are looking great sweetie! Love those earth colours you are using!!! You have caught up with me soon (using machine, you cheat *lol*). Keep it up and you will have a wonderful Dear Jane!!! And you deseerved that break from your BOM (but now you go back to it.. you hear? *lol*)

  2. Way to go Rose, you can do it! That's an amazing tally for one day don't you think? Maybe to keep some of your sense of order, you can do one 'in order' and one 'out of order' at a time?
    You're doing great, and love the colours!

  3. Your blocks are lovely! You're off to a great start, that's for sure :-)

  4. Dear Jane and SBS ! My God woman are you insane?????????????????

  5. qI think your blocks have turned out beautiful. I love your fabrics that you used.

  6. That think you do with the i and r and u drives me nuts. Slows my reading way down. =) Can't believe you got sucked into Dear Jane - it's so time consuming! Of course, I have friends who've worked on it for years, so that might work out okay. A nice break from other things - like embroidering a new pattern for us. =)

    However, since you did, I'd leave that A-1 block just as it is. It's a great block and makes the quilt your own. =) Enjoy all the blocks. Probably if you start with the easiest ones, they last ones will be the hardest, but you'll be ready for it by then. Or do a hard one every 4th block or something.

  7. Your blocks look wonderful Rose. And it is definitely not cheating to go out of order. I started with the easiest ones too - I figure as I work up my skill level, the harder ones will get easier. That's my order - easiest to hardest.
    You will note that there are some blocks that are different in Brenda's draft than in the original block. Feel free to decide which way works better for you.


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