Preferred Block Size??

The classes for my "Cottage Sampler" start on Saturday and i am really looking forward to them. We have a nice group of 8 women, 6 hours of quilting( and a bit of time for me to shop for the fabrics for my next BOM quilt).

It was requested that i make the Sampler a King Size Quilt, which meant increasing the 6" block size to 12". Writing the pattern once was time consuming but ive mananged to achieve the request:

Hmmmm, im wondering about the 12" blocks!!!! After doing the sample blocks, i definetley prefer the smaller blocks. Id rather make more, to make the quilt bigger, but thats just me:

Now i have two patterns available and i will share photos as the women progress through their quilts. I may be proven wrong, but a 6" block is my personal favorite!!!


  1. I'm with you on the size sweetie! ...although I quite enjoyed making 9" blocks last night... but any bigger than that... nope! (unless scrappy like our Winter Quilt blocks).

    But it will be fun to see how the quilts the women in your class makes turns out!

  2. This looks like it will turn out beautifully. I like the looks of the smaller blocks better. But I think sometimes people think the less blocks the faster they can get it finished. I tend to do that sometimes, but I think smaller usually always looks better.

  3. You blocks look great. I personally perfer the 12" blocks for me they are easier to piece.

  4. I'm with you Rose, but beginners may prefer the bigger blocks, easier to handle and square up.

  5. I'll go right down the middle. My most common block size is 9" 6 feels too small to me, and 12 can be too large, unless it has a lot of pieces. My best friend thinks 3-4" is the perfect size, and, to me, that's a reason to shoot myself in the foot by preference.

    Truthfully, I don't think it really matters. People will gravitate toward what seems right for them, and it will look nice in any size, because the basic design is good. =)

  6. I agree with 6". I'm making some blocks at 12" now, and think they are too big.

  7. I'm with you...I like the smaller blocks. Maybe the students can have a choice.

    Have fun at your first class. I look forward to seeing their progress.

  8. I like the 6 " blocks but perhaps with the perspective of KING size in mind small would look too busy and the larger blocks on such a large quilt will be a better balance.


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