Summer Garden Workshop & Jelly Rolls

Tonite my project for the "Summer Garden With Creative Women" Workshop is finished:

Designs and patterns are all written up, now i just have to wait patiently for February!!! I had all intentions of handquilting it, yet it is far to hot here at the moment, so i chose a contrasting quilting thread called "Soft Sunlight" and i meandered it..........and the thread casts soft highlights, just like its name suggests!!!!

So onto my next project!!!! Les and the children gave me, as part of my birthday gift, a Moda Jelly Roll (Climbing Jacobs Ladder) and i just love these (i think ill buy a heaps of Jelly Rolls and just use them as decoration in the studio lol):

I brought some contrasting fabric and with the help of Anne Ida, ive cut it up (sob, sob) ready for a quilt top:

Im almost ready!!!! Now i probably wouldnt have picked these colours for myself but i love the intensity and im having fun working with it!!! Stay tuned!!!

I was very lucky to receive the blogger award.......You Make My Day, from Susan, Anne Ida and Christine!!! Thank u so much...............:

Blogland, MAKES MY DAY!!! to all those who comment, send me an email or an SMS ( or those who just ring me lol) and to all those i read religiously (and prob dont comment as much as i should).........u make my day!!!

So now i get to share (and i dont like singling out, cause i LOVE so many blogs!!):

Debi: I am in awe of what u achieve, u r an amazing quilter and an amazing woman!!!
Michelle: i never leave ur blog without learning something!!!!
Elin: I love u, i love ur fabrics and i love ur SBS!!!!
Kristie: U r such a sweetie, thank u so much for ur encouragement!!!
Jenny:U r the mum we all want to be, thnx for inspiring me everyday!!!!
Leigh (Cinnamon Sticks): girlfriend, u make my day!!!! Cant wait to meet u in Feb!!!
Georgie: I love ur company!!!U r a great friend!!! We need more coffee!!!
Vicki: Keep following ur heart, luv hearing from u!!!

Classes tomorrow!! Need sleep!!!


  1. Hi Rose: I am trying hard to stick to my fabric diet and not buy anything, but the Jacob's Ladder line from Moda keeps saying "take me home" - would love to have it!!
    Am working away at commissions, actually finished one this morning and getting ready to post on my blog my second tutorial on my Sea Creatures quilt this weekend. People as busy as you are inspire me to push on. Stay cool! Here we don't have to try hard on that one.
    Janet in snowy and cold coastal Nova Scotia, CANADA

  2. Rose, thank you so much. You are a dear friend. Someday I hope to meet you face to face. I am so jealous of Anne Ida getting to meet you finally.

  3. The table runner looks so great, sweetie! Well done, you! I look forward to making one of my own :o)

    Your little blocks looks great, those fabrics are so warm and cozy! -and I really want to se your version all together!

    ...e-mail you later...

  4. Love your new table runner - the colours are beautiful.Have fun teaching your class today - wish I was coming.

  5. Awwww, you made me cry AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

  6. Aren't jelly rolls the greatest? Decorations and useful strips in the same package! Love your table runner. Wish I could be there to see it in person. I did click on the pic and get a little more up close with it. I'd love to see that quilting, though!

  7. Thank you very much for your nice words and for the award! You inspire me to go on with my SBS, you are by now ca. 10 blocks ahead of me...I've had a long break, only done 2 BOWs now in January. But from February, when I've done with Abyquilt's challenge, I'll put my concentration back on sbs!
    Have a nice week, and take care!


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