7 Days!!!!!

Its a week, till we fly to Melbourne to welcome Anne Ida to Australia!!! We also get to meet with the lovely Leigh (formerly Cinnamonsticks) for lunch, next Sunday and then with Sandra at Foothills and Fabrics on the Monday for an SBS Group!! Words cant express how we all feel right now!! We r excited, nervous, anxious for the next week to pass quickly but mainly......we r so lucky to have this wonderful experience!!!.........breathe!!

Then I have the workshop for The Country Quilter with Gail, Rosie and Natalie....oxygen please lol!!! Im nervous!!! But how much fun are we going to have??

After my last "Dear Jane Spurt" i cut out some more blocks and as i have been able to, Ive pieced them together. After todays class at the shop, i really ached to piece so i finished my little pile. Watching the ladies sew inspires me when i get home. Piecing is my favorite!!

D5-Cathedral Window, H13-Farm Fields, J4-Adelaines Apron Strings, B13-Four Corner Press, I3-Family Album

I1- Ralph & Neldas Wedding, I2-Kayes Courtyard, M12- Hopscotch, J6- Granny Weaver, C1-Trooper Greens Badge

My DJ total is looking healthier, my stomach is full of butterflies but i know the next few weeks are going to contain some of the most memorable experiences of my life!!!


  1. Hi Rose. You've been busy with your Dear Jane blocks. Looking good. Are you piecing them by machine or hand? I am reading the DJ book before I fall asleep each night. Not sure whether I could manage all the tricky blocks but guess I should just give it a go. I know what you mean about being nervous and excited and it must be even more so for you! Hope you have a lovely time in Melbourne. Happy stitching. Christine

  2. Hi, sweetie! One week!!!! Yippi!!! Starting to get a bit of "travel fever" here :o)

    You have been busy with your DJ! Wow, all those blocks in one evening! And they look so great! Way to go!

    See you soon :o)

  3. ...ok, maybe not all in one go... *lol* I really need to learn that I should read everything before commenting :o)

  4. Rose it sounds like you have some fun times planned for when Anne arrives. A big hi and hug to Leigh, from me, and please see if you can talk her into blogging again, we miss her.
    What a wonderful time Anne will have, visiting in the most beautiful country on this earth (just a little bias)....lol... and spending time with a quilting/blogging friend.

  5. Wow. What a gathering. Sounds like loads of fun. Can't wait for you to share all the pics of your fun.

  6. You all are going to have so much fun, hope you will report back in full detail and lots of pictures!

  7. Woo hoo, more great blocks. Please visit my blog for my latest give away.


  8. The tender moments bom looks so beautiful! I just love how you combine stitchery with quilting. Your DJ blocks look great too - it puts me to shame, since I haven't worked on mine in a while. I hope you enjoy meeting all these friends. I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time.

  9. I know you'll have a wonderful trip! Sounds like lots of fun is planned.

    You are really flying on those DJ blocks. Good going!

  10. Dear Rose,
    I have so enjoyed reading your blog, I connected through Anne Ida and the SBS group. I live in the states and was wondering if your patterns for Summer Garden and Tender Moments are for sale. I love them both. It seems to be more common for you to include stitchery in your quilts, than in the US. Thanks, Julie in NH

  11. Oh boy -- look at you go on the Dear Jane!!

    Are you ever meeting a bunch of bloggers. Say hello to Cinnamon sticks - I miss reading her blog.

    Have a great time!! Take lots of pictures for us!!


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