The Workshop

First, apologies for all those eagerly awaiting news of Anne Idas visit to Australia. We have been extremely busy enjoying each others company, seeing as much of Tasmania as we can and sewing up a storm till the wee hours and how wonderful it has been to have someone to share my studio with (i havent even minded sewing on the old "fossil" Janome) computer time has been limited!! Just a note for May Britt....noooo we havent traded her to the natives!!! But we have decided to keep her and send you the kangaroos!!! Lol

So Friday saw us setting up the Threadbare display for the Summer Garden Workshop. Heres Anne Ida carefully supervising the placement of my samples:

Just some of the wonderful designs on offer for the ladies:

Saturday morning, all the ladies were eager to get started on their chosen project or projects for the weekend:

Plus a little bit of shopping and browsing the display tables:

Plus meeting some fellow bloggers. Heres Christine and Anne Ida, working on their dolls:

It was wonderful to meet Christine, she is just lovely and Im sure I will see more of her when we travel down the coast throughout the year!!

Sunday, the ladies got straight back to work on their projects:

It really was a wonderful workshop, full of inspiration, lovely ladies and new friendships:

Christine, Pat and Anne Ida.

Tomorrow means the end of Anne Idas visit, which is really sad. Time has flown by so quickly (and hiding her passport, so she cant leave, didnt work lol) We have a tonne of photos, a heaps of memories and plans to meet up again soon, this time in Norway!!! She also brings back with her a "acquired tasting" (Anne Ida's words) Australian tradition.......VEGEMITE, lets see how the Norwegian bloggers enjoy this!!!!
I will post some more pics while she travels back home and share what we have been up to in the long absenses from blogland!!
We will all miss you sweetie!!!


  1. Thank you for taking the time to write about Anne Idas' trip to Oz. So many wonderful memories for both of you! I'm glad you decided to send the kankaroos to May Britt! lol Have a safe trip back Anne Idas!

  2. Wow what a wonderful visit and the workshop looked like fun.

  3. Thank you for sharing this nice event! Hope I'll see you when you come to Norway!!
    PS: I admire the white table cloths on you working tables....

  4. The workshop looks like everyone is having a good time. The dolls are going to be adorable.

  5. Glad the workshop was a fun weekend for everyone. Wow Anne Ida has aquired the taste for good ol vegemite... I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she shares it with other friends back home. How exciting for you, a trip to Norway.
    Oh and it was so nice to put a face to the name. sweet photo's.

  6. I know how fast the times goes when you have visitors like this. And I know you had great fun. Hope to meet you when you comes to norway.
    But what is vegemite??????????

  7. That was fast!!! is her visit over all ready???? Time do fly.... very very fast!!! Looking forward to get Anna Ida home :o)



  8. Have a safe trip home Anne Ida. Lovely post, Rose. Nice to re-live the lovely weekend we shared together. Hope to see you again soo. Christine

  9. wow thanks for the update........from all I have seen the weekend was wonderful........and now your planning to go to Norway.......can you fit me in your suit case.......

  10. Doesn't time fly when you are having fun! Lovely meeting you Anne, have a safe trip home. Looking forward to reading your posts about your big Aussie adventure :-)
    We'll talk soon Rose.

  11. The workshop looks like it was great! That's a lot of people for a workshop, if the room was filled, too.

    I look forward to seeing more of the pics of things you did with Anne Ida.


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