Sunday, March 30, 2008

Market Treasure

Even though it was quite cold and windy this morning, we headed out to the Market. I wasn't expecting to find anything, yet I am renowned for finding bags of old buttons amid the junk!! And of course today was no exception but I also found something else to treasure:

Arent those buttons gorgeous??? I love those olive green ones!! I also found some red crystal beads for almost a quarter of the price that I usually pay (they are needed for yet another new design!!!) and this fantastic book by Maggie Malone. I have several quilt block books, my SBS sheets, my DJ book, EQ6, which has a zillion blocks on it and I have internet access, so blocks are at my fngertips...........yet I needed this book, I wasnt leaving without this book!!!!

434 pages of stunning blocks and border ideas plus all the instructions needed to draft them up!!! Now there is a fear when you buy something secondhand, that you get it home and it doesnt work properly..........this afternoon it was raining and the family where all busy doing their own thing, so I decided to "test" my new purchase to make sure it worked. Im happy to report it does:

This is block # 189- Hopscotch. But you can never be too sure, right?? So I had to double check that all was working well:

This is block # 2043- Squares and Triangles!!! I drafted both blocks to 12" and I'll add some borders to make them into cushions for my front entrance!!! I think its fair to say I used my money and my time wisely............or that is just my excuse for sewing all afternoon lol!!!


  1. Hi, sweetie!
    GREAT use of money and time!!! Of course you had to check if your purchase "worked properly"! *lol* These blocks will look great as cushions for the entrance!
    Stitching here... almost through the split le moyne stars :o)
    Take care and have a great evening!

  2. You really got some treasures there! Your blocks turned out great. Take care!

  3. What a terrific find Rose! You can never have enough books or fabric!! Love the fabrics and colours of your trial blocks! Very Autumn! Cathyx

  4. Great book! You can NEVER have too many sources for inspiration! :)

    The blocks are fabulous too - I always love your color/fabric choices!

  5. I love the fabrics you used to make you "test blocks"! I thought you were well on your way to making a sampler quilt, but then you told us you are making cushions. That reminds me that I have a half dozen or so cushion forms waiting for their covers! LOL Maybe I will follow your lead and test some blocks.

  6. The internet is great but there's something about books- I think I need them both!

  7. They are wonderful purchases Rose - and since you have already used the book to make blocks from, then you certainly are justified to have purchased that book.

  8. Lovely blocks! hmm Madeira, love it.

  9. fantastic the blocks...

  10. I have that book and I love it!!! I am interested in your sampler pattern, where can I purchase it?

  11. I also have that book and I really like it! I must say that I LOVE that brown paisley fabric that you used! Paisley is my favorite!

  12. well Rose of course you needed that book and yeah too you for checking it the cushions look lovely I have one of them fabrics you have given me yet another idea..LOL..these blogs are so inspiring...
    cheers Vickie


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