Mother Nature

Autumn is its full glory at the moment. The days are glorious and sunny, the nights are cool and the colours are colours!!:

The gorgeous oranges beginning to turn that wonderful brown!

The beautiful shades of green.....I love this lime green!!

And how amazing are these reds and golds against the bright blue sky!!

And the wonderful creams and beiges........a perfect Mother Nature palette.

These strong, warm colours are always my first choice for my own projects, as you can see from the latest DJ blocks added to my tally:

And also for the quilt top Anne Ida and I worked on while she was down here:

Gorgeous Autumn colours!! I just managed to get the final borders on today (I know Anne Ida has finished hers!!!) , so now its all ready to be quilted and will be perfect to snuggle under during these cool Autumn nights!!


  1. That is a gorgeous quilt. Those colours work so well together. You have been busy!

  2. love the wutumn colours....great blocks and quilts also.........

  3. Beautiful autumn colours and DJ blocks!
    Congrats on a finished quilt-top!
    I see why you look forward to snuggle under the quilt when it's quilted and the days are getting colder!

  4. Great pictures, sweetie! And wonderful DJ blocks!!!

    Your Pickled Cabbage quilt top turned out great!!! Well done getting those borders on!

    ...and eh-hem... I still have to do the binding on mine... ;o)

  5. Beautiful Colours and your DJ blocks look terrific. Am keen to make one of these, just not quite brave enough! Cathyx

  6. Such beautiful photos! Autumn is my favorite time of year. We actually have a horse named Autumn! I love your DJ blocks! I just got the cd for that quilt yesterday, but I haven't started it yet. Right now I am working on the Civil War Diary quilt.

  7. love your fall pictures. and your quilt is stunning! as are your blocks

  8. Lovely autumn snaps and beautiful quilts.

  9. I hope your winter is not as long as ours was. Enjoy the Autumn weather. Beautiful pics!

  10. beautiful colors, love the quilt and your blocks too.

  11. Such beautiful tree pictures - and that's my favorite color of sky blue! I too am especially fond of fall colors, and your quilt is beautiful. You certainly have been busy with so many DJ blocks as well. Good job! They look wonderful.


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