Happy Birthday!!!

Today my man, my soul mate....turns 44!! I hope your day has been special babyl!! We love you soooooo much!!!

This man is soooo talented, so intellectual, so perfect. He has many passions.... he loves his family, to death...he loves to read, and he reads everything, his knowledge is remarkable!!... and he builds model railroads, which takes precision, attention to detail and....patience!!! Ok he did give up his train room so I could have a studio (hes a saint!!! and he thought he didnt want to do this anymore!!) but since then he has used a much smaller space to create a "little wonderland". His eye for detail amazes me and it thrills me to watch him work!!!..... his success with work is inspiring.......he is in demand, which can interupt the evening dinner (ok that happens with me too, sorry lol) or a 6am breakfast but we understand how important you are to Civil Engineering in Tas, so we forgive lol and we are proud!!!!

As a quilters husband........hmmm this man knows more than he should lol He knows when ive set in seams, he knows when ive mitred my borders, he knows how difficult circular seams are, hes understands PP and EPP, he picks great fabric, he can entertain kids "outside" a quilt shop, he gives advice when things r getting tooo busy and he knows..........this is what i love!!! His support and encouragement is amazing!!!

Baby, you make my life and the lives of our children sooooo special. We love you so much and wish you the greatest birthday!!!

"We walk this path together, today, tomorrow and forever" XXX


  1. Does he have a brother???? or even a sister (i'm not fussy):)) lol seriously you have trained him well Happy birthday perfect man

  2. Happy birthday, Les!

    Wonderful post, my friend! You've got a real catch there, so hang on (I know you will!!!). Great picture of your wonderful family!

  3. Happy birthday to your wonderful DH!

  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby, you have a beautiful family.

  5. Awww, happy B-day to your Hubby! Sounds like you both are really perfect for each other! What a sweet post!

  6. Where's the elephant from that they're sitting on? Pretty nifty!

  7. Beautiful family, altho a little late Happy Birthday to your fabulous hubby. There is so much love in your words.It's obvious he's lucky to have you too!


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