Friday, July 18, 2008

After the Rain

Every season screams colour, from the golds, browns and oranges of Autumn to the pinks, purples and whites of Spring. Winter may be dreary and bleak for us right now but after the rain there is beauty to be found.

Everything is so lush and green at the moment. The garden tends to get neglected over the winter, the trees become unruly, the grass is long and soft.

The leaves are full of tiny raindrops that shower down on you as you brush past.

There are some signs of new growth. Small amounts of colour to brighten our days, including these guys:

They popped into our garden last week and feasted on a neglected apple still hanging in the bare tree. They stayed for ages and didnt seem to mind me walking around photographing them. I love their colourings, nature is truly inspiring!!!


  1. wow, aren't they beautiful, here our birds are common colors,grey,white, blue, brown, black sometimes a little red.

  2. Wow, they are gorgeous! And to think that I get excited when the little yellow and black finches come and feed in my bird feeder. :0)

  3. What beautiful pictures.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. Great the rainbow lorakeets they they always seem to be in pairs. Don't you love the way they enjoy their food ...they have it all over their face.

  5. Wow..what gorgeous birds. I have never seen anything like that living in the wild. I wonder if they were pets that someone just set loose?

  6. Beautiful pictures, the birds especially. Thanks for sharing!! :-)

  7. Oh wow, I wish my camera took pictures like that - so pretty!!! I need more garden pictures! :)


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