Doctor In The House??

Maddi has her heart set on becoming a Doctor or a Surgeon and we have been looking into Year 11 and 12 subjects for University admission but she was "itching" to try something right now!! So we decided to try a First Aid Course with St Johns Ambulance:

For the last 2 weeks her and I have been attending night classes and learning CPR (unfortunaltey our plastic dummies didnt make it lol!!) and how to give aid to burns, fractures, shock, poisioning, drowning.....just to name a few!!

Initially,I was just going along for moral support but I did learn so much (I did First Aid in Year 10, so a lot has changed). Maddi just loved it (especially wrapping me up in bandages lol) and she has such a good knowledge of the human body. She participated in the class discussions and was so eager to learn more. Monday night we had our "test" and I didnt realise how nervous she was until it was all over. She had nothing to worry about, she passed (me too, phew!!!):

Our certificates arrived Friday afternoon. We have the option of going back and completed the Level 2 certificate later on. If you have never done one before or like me, you did one a long time ago, I recommend you give it a go. Hopefully we never have to use anything that we were taught but you just never know!!


  1. Congratulations. What a smart thing to do for your Maddi and you never know when it will come in handy!

  2. Congratulations Maddi and Rose!! What a great thing to do together!! CAthyxx

  3. Congratulations to you both!!!
    Our daughter is a Registered Nurse. It is nice to have some medical knowledge in the family. My Dad cut his finger pretty bad with a pocket knife, he didn't want to go to the hospital and get it stitched, so Kristy bandaged it up for him and changed his dressing on it everyday or so and it looks better than if he had had stitches in it. Hardly, no scar left at all!
    Good Luck to Maddi, I hope that she accomplishes her dream!


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