An End In Sight

I decided to take a week and work only on my SBS blocks. My tally was at 93 blocks and I really missed working on this quilt, so Monday I started to work my way through the remaining blocks:

My tally now stands at 121 and with 3 days still to go, I can see an end in sight. I have decided to just keep going until the blocks are all complete and then return to my designs and a pile of pattern writing!!Urgggh!!

Of course I wouldnt be able to do it without my ever present support system.......the encouraging emails from Anne Ida, the fact that my family suggest takeaway every nite (just so i dont have to cook......yeh right guys, nice try, eat your veges lol) and of course the diva of the house, Maria:

She has her own scrap there but im not sure it works with this block lol.

As lovely as she is, she can make sewing quite difficult at times!!! Be back soon with a quilt top of completed blocks!!


  1. Nice blocks and you are making great headway. I should do the same with my Dear Jane, but I think that will be finished in the next decade.

  2. Good luck Rose with your blocks SBS. It will be nice to see them plased out in the quilt

  3. Way to go, Rose! It will be a gorgeous quilt.

  4. Ugh, I need to be so committed to my SBS. I get all motivated then poop out, then get all motivated again. Lol*

  5. Keep up the great work, sweetie! You're almost there :o)

  6. I'm impressed you got so many finished! Your children are so smart. ;)

    It will be nice to have them all finished, won't it?


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