Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flowers Galore!

The Nine Patches for Maddis Charisma quilt are all complete and now its ready for the applique. In her chosen layout, they will be 40 flower blocks (thanks Mad lol):

20 of each colour. They could have been a bit larger but she wants the cream blocks stippled (yes she has thought that far ahead!!). It is such a busy week for me this week with Doctors appointments for my MIL, trying to sort out some health problems but I have a stash near the machine and Ill just work on them when I can:

Not fast enough for my daughters liking.....her first question to me after school is "Hows my quilt??", somehow I think I forgot to teach her patience!!!

So there are flowers all over my studio and on the other side of the window, our garden is just blossoming, such wonderful inspiration:

Our Banskia Rose is covered in perfect posies just like this. Spring is defintely my favorite season!! Best get back to the quilt!!


  1. Sounds like you ARE a busy little bee cant wait to see this one Rose.
    Love the one you sent me yesterday Nanna's Quilt.

  2. I hope that all is well with your MIL. This quilt is going to be really cute.

  3. Looks like this will be another awsome quilt--you do such nice work. Try to take it a little bit easy this week--don't over do;)

  4. I gotta laugh at Maddi badgering you for her quilt, that's adorable. :-) You've raised her well ... !! :-D

  5. I love your flowers the colours that you hae pick is very nice.Some time we get so busy that we forget about our selfs.

  6. The flower blocks are so very cute and if you ask me, that Maddis is a lucky gal.

  7. Looking beautiful...cant wait to see it together!!! Cathy

  8. Great little flowers. She doesn't know about moms like me who take *years* to finish special quilts for their children. LOL!


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