The Dimples Made Me Do It!!

Whats gunna happen when your 6 year old son sees his sister and her new quilt??? Of course he is going to ask for a new one for himself!!! So when Cohen came to me with his own ideas, how could I refuse, his dimples are to die for?? But I didnt fully realise what Id agreed to......he wants a Ben 10 quilt, complete with 10 of the Aliens Ben transforms into using his Omnitrix (an apparently, very powerful watch!!) to fight the evils of the world:

This is "Greymatter" and his claim to fame is thats hes small and smart!!!! OK. I could have stitched these, but Cohen is more impatient than his sister and I think the applique gives a much better result. I machine appliqued in black to emphasise each Alien hero:

This is "Heatblast" and he is able to expel flames from his hands, all for the good of the world and all that!!! (I had to use tweezers with some of these to get them into position!!!

And lastly there is "Wildmutt" apparently this creature can bite and claw his evil opponent....Im feeling safer, how bout u??? lol 3 down 7 more to go and then the centre block "BEN 10"!!

After a lot of indecision about this quilt, I embraced the challenge and who says it all has to be feminine and pretty......lets embrace the superheros and lets do it for those adorable dimples!!!


  1. What a fabulous quilt it's going to be.

    love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. wow fantastic
    my dd has just given me the run down on who Ben 10 is

  3. Fantastic! Your son will have a quilt he loves!

  4. Oh, wow!! You are so talented!! :-o What a cool idea for a quilt. I'm looking forward to seing the finished product!

  5. Oh, yes, those dimples are to die for!!! How could you resist the request for a Ben 10 quilt? *lol* The blocks look wonderful, sweetie! The black thread is a nice touch. I'm sure the little man will be thrilled with his quilt! And you have three blocks down, so those remaining 7 will go like a breeze! Keep up the great work! Hugs xxx

  6. Oh my goodness, this is so cute! I had better not let my little dimpled man see this. I can't draw as good as you can! :~)

  7. It will certainly be original--ya gotta love that;) And---I'm a sucker for dimples, too;)

  8. Mmmm!! You are a good Mum!! Sometimes Im pleased I have girls!! Cathy

  9. Amzing, thats going to be a great quilt- one i'm sure he'll treasure forever.

  10. Your daughter's quilt is gorgeous, and how wonderful that you are making a wonderful quilt for your son as well. A treasure indeed.

  11. Hi Rose

    This so great!!! Dimples are irresistbile, there is no defence ;-D

    The quilt will be wonderful, the blocks looks very cool. How exciting :o)

    Have a creative and wonderful week!!


  12. Did you draw these according to his specifications? Or is that something that exists out there today - I'm out of touch now that my boys are grown and I'm not teaching.


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