Of Xmas Past

There are so many beautiful Xmas trees and decorations in blogland. Our tree is a collection of Xmas's past. Lots of decorations the children have made at school over the years:

Its a wonderful reminder of the special Xmas's we have shared as a family. There are always stories told while setting up the tree and lots of "oh i remember making this in....." And then there are our little Xmas quilts:

I made one of these for each of us a few years ago and everyone gets to hang theirs on the tree.

Im not sure who's design these are but I remember there were in a magazine and I think they were stitchery patterns I converted to applique. Of course we do buy one store brought decoration each year for our tree and also for my MIL's tree (in rememberance of Poppy!).

This year Cohen decided our newest family member shouldnt miss out, so he took the little tree and put it in the sunroom with Maria:

Even though she much prefers all the dangly things on the big tree!!! lol


  1. Lovely decorations Rose!! My girls still have all their school-made decorations too!! Cathy

  2. Now my "kids" have their own decorations in their homes so I cant show any but yours are lovely.

  3. Don't you just love digging out the old decoration? Something very sentimental about those representations and memories of Xmas past :o) Love those little quilts you have made for each of you!

  4. Love the ornaments you made. That reminded me of several we still have in the box that the kids made at church or pre-school or primary grades. What fun.


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