Border Love!

A huge big thank you to everyone who left comments or emailed me about my Double Delight quilt. It looks lovely on our bed and I am so thrilled with it!! I have had a few requests to share my border measurements and I am more than happy to help! (there will be no actual measurements though, as mentioned before I did have to "wiggle" them a bit to make them fit). So heres what I did......

I made up all the border units first and then attached them to the quilt centre, to help with fitting them on. There were another 4 "Rolling Star" blocks for the corner units (I did have to introduce another green fabric, but it worked!). There were 70 more square in square units and...

.....66 more of the little spacers (the centre strips of the Nine Patches). For my quilt I used:
16 square in squares units and 15 spacers for the short sides
19 square in square units and 18 spacers for the long sides

The burgundy, cream and green strips were cut at 1 1/2" wide and attached and trimmed to fit. Then I attached all the borders to the centre of the quilt, carefully easing them on! I actually found that the short sides went on fine but the long sides required a little persuasion! I do hope that helps those who were interested!!

Im working on a magazine commission at the moment and it has been heaps of fun. I cant show you the finished project until later in the year but heres a little peek:

Back soon with some more designs and a look at what Im doing with those solid fabrics!!


  1. Hi Rose. Your magazine piece looks very intriguing. Look forward to seeing it in print.

  2. Hi Rose, thank you kindly for providing detail on your DD border. Your quilt is truly inspirational and I am pleased to know it has found a place in your home where it can be appreciated regularly.

  3. I really like the Double Delight really made your quilt POP!

  4. Thank you for sharing these instructions. It is an awesome border.

  5. You're teasing us with this sneak peak... looks very promising!

  6. You are such a tease! Love the little bit that I could see, and I like your new pattern in the latest post, too.

  7. You did a fantastic job with that border! Love it!

  8. Your border is fabulous and I just may put it on mine too! Thanks for the help with it :)

  9. Thank you for sharing your talent. I also had seen your border treatment and wanted one like it. My top has been ready for borders for too long. Over a year. Shirley in Oklahoma


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