Resolution Badge

One of my tasks before the end of a year is to compile a list of UFO's in the hope that I can complete them. Anne Ida and I have been having big discussions on feeling guilty about starting new projects when our UFO lists are so big, but we have decided to make a a pledge to each other to work on the projects we love (without guilt) and finish everything we start in 2009!!

Anne Ida has decided to set this resolution in stone by designing a badge for our sidebars (isnt she clever???) If you feel its a resolution for you, please feel free to add it to your blog!!

Of course we will both be working on our UFO lists throughout the year but if we find a project we just have to do, we will!! Which makes me feel less guilty about this stash of solids I brought yesterday:

They are for a quilt that I fell in love with and just have to try!!! More on that later!!

Dont forget to check my blog tomorrow for the winner of my Whirl into Winter giveaway (there is still time to enter!!) and also a special surprise for all my readers!!


  1. This is the resolution I have made as well. I feel very bad about the mountain of UFO's I have that are on the verge of being finished, but at the same time I don't want to deny myself the pleasure of starting a new project.

  2. oooh what are you going to make with those solids, will check in to find out, very intrigued, good job you have that new motto............happy quilting.

  3. Happy you decided to use the badge, sweetie! Sort of makes our promise a bit more "official", doesn't it? :o)

    Your bundle of solids looks wonderful! I look forward to seeing how this project develops! Have heaps of fun with it!!!

    Hugs and stitches

  4. What a wonderful resoution Rose! I am sure that you will stick to it! I am trying for the same this year :-) BTW I just love the new solids that you bought today.

    Good Luck with your resolution!
    Cheers Erica

  5. Your DD mystery looks great! I'm loving all the Double Delights I see - not an ugly one yet! :D

  6. I love the colors of your new project! I can hardly wait to see what you are doing. You mystery turned out beautifully, too.

  7. What a lovely badge. I've added it to my blog as well, even though I pledged not to make any resolutions, this is one that I like to follow anyway.


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