Postcard and A Little Visitor

Still working on my new BOM, so not alot to share but I did finish a little block for Leanne for her postcard quilt. She has asked a few people to stitch one for her, sign it and leave a personal message. I was honoured to be asked to contribute a block for her quilt:

Thanks Leanne and I cant wait to see your finished quilt. It will be treasured Im sure!!

We also had a little visitor this week. Cohen's class is working on "writing to recount", so they all get a turn at bringing home the class puppy "Scruffy" for a few days and keep a journal of his adventures while he is there. This week was Cohens turn and he so excited.......that smile when I picked him up from school, priceless!!!

Cohen and Scruffy were inseperable, so he had lots to write and draw about. This is Cohens favorite picture, Scruffy trying on his glasses.

He really became one of the family, joining in on meal time conversations, watching TV with the family and helping out with the homework...............there was one very sad little boy yesterday when Scruffy had to go back to school!!!


  1. Your postcard is very well done, thats a great idea to get friends to do one then put them all together I think.
    I posted mine back to Leanne yesterday didn't think to take a pic though

  2. Great Postcard - oh,sounds a bit sad not having the little puppy!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Sweet, what a fun way to get kids to write :0)
    Now what did you put on the front of the postcard?

    Happy Sewing,

  4. The postcard is lovely Rose and I just love the postmark. Cohen sounds like he had fun - My youngest daughter did a similar thing with a monkey I can't recall it's name but we took photo's of it on the slide, in trees etc - She enjoyed it as well.

  5. Hi Rose. Leanne is going to have a lovely quilt ... I've nearly finished working on a block for her too.

  6. What a great idea that teacher has. Its so encouraging when your children get excited about their school work and God bless those creative teachers out there that can make it fun.

    I like your postcard block - a great idea there too!

  7. Love the postcard, it is relly nice! I remember when the kids got to take home the class mascots and write diaries of what they did together- it was a lot of fun!


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