Dresden Plates

When I think of pretty blocks I think of the old favorites, Grandmas Fan, Flower Garden, Double Wedding Ring and of course the Dresden Plate. So I had to incorporate the Dresden Plate Block in my quilt for our new bed!
I have always used freezer paper to construct the blades and then handsewn them all together but then Anne Ida wrote up a tutorial to show me her method of maching piecing and its so quick and easy and not a piece of freezer paper in sight (yess!!!). She has posted the tutorial here and I will add it to my sidebar for anyone who might like to try this later on!!
The plates are designed for a 6" block but Im using a 9" block so that I have a nice wide space to quilt around.......hopefully with some free motion patterns! Between the blocks Im using a Jacobs Ladder variation:
These will frame the Dresdens nicely. Im really loving these fabrics!!
Im also still stitching the new BOM and its coming along well. Heres another peek at one of the blocks:
Cant wait to finally reveal this quilt and the story behind it (yesss there is a story!! lol)
Finally, I always love to see how others have made up one of my designs and yesterday I went out to Calico Crossroads with Jules and I saw Paulines version of my Picnic Quilt (excuse the photo, all I had was my phone):

It really is lovely, although the colours arent accurate in this pic. I just love it!!
Have a lovely ANZAC weekend!!


  1. Your Dresden Plates look wonderful, sweetie! Way to go on making so many in such a short time! Your quilt will be wonderful!!

    Love the peek of the new block for the new BOM! This is going to be fabulous!

    Pauline has made a lovely version of Nanny Sharon's Picnic quilt!

    Have a lovely ANZAC weekend!
    Hugs and stitches

  2. I checked out the tutorial. Thank you for sharing that! It is always nice and fun to see a faster way. Your blocks are wonderful. I've visited you before and loved your Bonnie's Double Delight...but seeing it on the bed is stunning! Be sure to send her a photo!

  3. Beautiful. I have always loved these but am a newbie quilter so haven't made any. I'm definitely going over to look at the tutorial! Cindy

  4. That is a great method for making the Dresdan Plates!! And I have a whole stack of them done the old fashioned way ...waiting... waiting...LOL

    It will be a fabulous quilt for the new bed - love the fabric!!

  5. Oh thank you Rose and Anne Ida...I too love the old favourites and will be sure to revisit and have a go at this "easier and quicker" way. Your stitchery looks intriguing...cant wait to you reveal all...Enjoy your weekend...Cathy

  6. Rose your bed is going to be so happy to have this quilt on it! These fabrics are just beautiful.

  7. I have been blog hopping and wandered over to your blog and realised that we have a few things in common. For one thing, we both have a boy named Cohen! Mine is 4 1/2 months old.

    Your dresden plates are lovely. I am learning to quilt, and I am no where near ready to take on something like this, but I have favourited it for when I am! Thank you! :)

  8. The fabrics are lovely, the blocks perfect and your choice of border appears perfect - a wonderful quilt in the making, can't wait to see it finished.

  9. I look forward to the reveal on the new one. This tease is too exciting!


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