Friday, May 22, 2009

Jule's Quilt!!

This week I have had the absolute pleasure of helping Jules with the final stages of her first pieced quilt!! Apart from a slight problem with the backing (my fault) its all gone smoothly. She calls this her "ugly" quilt but I think its gorgeous......makes u wanna snuggle underneath it with a good book and a cup of chamomile tea.

I want to share her lovely piecing, even though she will be crabby at me, cause I know when its finished she will photograph it so far away that you wont be able to see it lol!!

She has pieced the blocks all by herself and I think she has done a wonderful job!! Her seams all lay lovely and flat and its been a pleasure to quilt.

I wont show the full quilt......Ill let her reveal that on her blog sometime next week!!

Im hoping that this will encourage her to try another (actually I'll badger her too lol). She has done a wonderful job and Im so proud of her!! Well done sweetie!!

The recipient of this quilt is just going to love it but Im guessing that after its finally finished, Jules might have a hard time giving it up!!


  1. I can't leave you alone for a second can I...........You in big trouble now missy moo........tell me there is nothing on your man


  2. Jules, you have done a wonderful job piecing! I look forward to seeing the whole quilt! Rose, your stippling looks fabulous! The lucky recepient will have a treasure!

  3. Now couldn't we all use a great cheerleader like Rose! I hope you know what a good friend you have here Jules!
    Have fun together creating wonderful quilts.

    Happy sewing :0)

  4. Great job! You should be proud and encouraged to make many more, Jules. I suspect you had a wonderful teacher, too ;)

  5. I cant believe she calls it her 'Ugly Quilt'! I have seen a pic on her blog! The quilting looks fantastic too - who did that you or Jules? I cant wait to see the whole thing
    x Sarah


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