Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Top Almost Complete

My Philadelphia Pavement quilt top is almost complete, I just need to add a couple of plain borders and its ready for quilting!
(I apologise for the photos but it is dark and wet here and its so big I just threw it on the bed). I think the colours work well together, even though they are different to the original quilt made by Barbara Snyder Stoner in 1895.
I love the centre diamond, this is a really lovely layout and it has been fun to do but I must say that Im pleased to have this part of it complete!!

It is huge already so I am debating on the borders but Ive got a few days to think about it......Jules and I are off to Sydney for 4 days, for some "girl" fun!! Cant wait, you packed yet Jules?? Ill tackle the borders when I get back next week!


  1. that's looking good Rose. I actually nearly packed. U? 2 more sleeps


  2. WOW, Rose. Your quilt looks spectacular. Lots of work I imagine. Have fun in Sydney ... guess you'll go to the Craft and Quilt Fair while you're there.

  3. absolutely gorgeous! and huge!! how big is it?

  4. just beautiful
    what great coloration!
    wow! thats an accomplishment.

  5. This quilt is impressive! I love how it's all solids - something I couldn't do as I find prints way too tempting:). Enjoy your time away. Good luck finishing this quilt!

  6. WOW! That's a lot of little squares! Your quilt is beautiful;) The colors are great!

  7. Its a beauty....the quilting is really going to show well in all those solids. Can you direct us to the pattern?
    don't forget to leave some fabric in Sydney!

    Happy Sewing

  8. Awesome quilt Rose...it must have bin a "hell"of a job...but the result is very beautyful...the colors are great...have a wunderfull time in Sydney..
    greetings from Holland

  9. Its a great looking quilt. Hope you and Jules have a good time, and come home safely.

  10. Rose, it takes my breath away! So gorgeous. Have a fun getaway!

  11. Looks great Rose! No wonder you are so happy - all those teeny weeny bits!!
    Have fun in Syd
    x Sarah

  12. wow that is stunning. I don't think it needs any borders in my humble opinon. But Wow, that can come and live at my house any time. LOL

  13. What a beautiful quilt! It is such an interesting setting. I scrolled down and saw your Dresden plates - they are so pretty. I'm curious to see them set with the Jacob's ladder variation.

  14. That is stunning! I love it!

  15. This is a wonderful work of art, just love the colours in this quilt,

    Take care


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