Monday, October 19, 2009

In Pops Garden- Part 5

It was a little premature saying that life had gone back to normal after Mums op, but today is the start of a new lets try again!!!

Block 8 is Pops chicken shed. Chickens are one of my favorites and we would spend all day running back and forth to see if the hens had layed. There was a long concrete path from the chicken shed to the back door, so sometimes not all the eggs made it safely inside in our eagerness to share what eggs we had found!!

Of course nothing tastes better than free range eggs straight from the nest. Pop could cook them up anyway you wanted and I think my personal favorite were the poached eggs.....I just cant cook them as good as he used too. Nans cakes would be lovely and yellow and her meringues, well they were special!!!!

There were 6 meals a day at Pops house.......the three main meals, then morning and afternoon tea and finally supper. It was usually biscuits for morning tea but Pop always enjoyed a cuppa and a piece of fruit cake in the afternoons. He seemed to have an endless supply of fruit cake and although he ate and drank from mix matched crockery, he always layed out his finest for his guests.
Pop was a collector of Royal Albert and Royal Doulton dinner sets. His favorite was the Old Country Rose and the Silver Birch and he used them regularly, even for takeaway Fish and Chips!!!

His hat appears in Block 9 again, discarded after a long afternoon in the garden. It also appears in 2 more places Ive yet to share with this design..........all will be revealed next post!!
Thanks so much for allowing me to share my Pop with you. The comments have been so touching to read. Be sure to stay tuned for the final installment of this quilt and if you have left a comment on this or any of the other parts of In Pops Garden you will be entered in a giveaway for a full set of patterns as a thank you from me!


  1. Rose, that is so sweet of you! I bet your Pop had a hand in naming you. It's a name that I think he would love! Thanks for sharing your story about your Pop! I have enjoyed them all!

  2. Your stitchery takes me on a sentimental journey of my dad. Only difference was he sold fruit and vegetables, the flowers and eggs where comlimentary. Always a lovely surprise for customers. And wonderful memories for me.

  3. I am enjoying these wonderful stitcheries and their stories. In particular, I love the chickens! I am a chicken lover myself. Excellent work!

  4. These stitcheries are so special, and they certainly bring back memories of my grandparents. Both sets of my grandparents had chickens and spectacular gardens and all the time to spend with their grandchildren. Please count me in the draw.

  5. Love your Pop stories....I wish that I had know my grandparents....I only knew my Mums mum for a very short time....and I remember that she had chickens down the back of her garden, going down there to get the eggs and dodge the rooster that used to chase you out!
    cheers Julz

  6. Rose,
    What a great rememberance! You are so very talented! Please enter me to win the series.

  7. Still sounds all about Ray except the Old Country Roses he wouldn't dare take them outside :-)

  8. I have been enjoying the wonderful stories that go with each block!

  9. I always enjoy hearing the stories that go with something so near and dear to your heart...written in stitchery.

  10. I love this set, and please include me in the drawing. :)

  11. Your stitchery work is fantastic! I think it means more do to the precious story behind it! :o)

  12. Oh this is just the sweetest quilt ever! I can't wait to see it done.
    I'd love to win this :0).
    But even if I don't I have enjoyed peeking into your childhood.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    You are such talented designer.
    Happy Sewing

  13. I love that quilt! What a great idea you had.

  14. I love the Pop's Garden BOM. So cute! I love your designs. You are a new blog for me.


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