Catching Up-Word Heavy Post!!!!

I have finally found some time to draw my Gingerbread giveaway. Thanks to all who entered and I have really enjoyed reading your Family Traditions. Its precious that no matter how old our kids get they still enjoy those special things and hopefully will one day pass them onto their own children. I read a quote the other day which I think sums it up beautifully:
"When we recall Xmas past, we usually find that the simple things- not the great occasions- give off the greatest glow of happiness" Bob Hope.
Ill announce the winners at the end of this post, after I show some peeks of what Ive been working on:
Firstly another magazine commission. This is for a Mothers Day edition and I loved working on this. Usually a design has a name before I put pen to paper but this one was a little tougher. After a few emails to Anne Ida for ideas, her mother suggested the name "Elida" which was Anne Idas grandmothers name. Its perfect and a lovely way to honour a woman who inspired others with her love of craft! The stitchery is redwork and beads (I love using beads) and the fabrics are "Cottage Charm" from Helen Mulder Peterson......the red is just stunning!!
Ive also got a new quilt and cushion set almost ready for release. I wanted to design something that left little waste from a Jelly Roll, a few fat quarters and some homespun. Maddi will eventually have these samples in her room but they are off on a little trip for something exciting that is happening next year. These are the Chez Moi fabrics, Swanky.
Im also working on a Mix and Match theme for a tablerunner design. I love piecing and I often find myself looking at block books for hours!! This one may just be a prototype for now until I can achieve the look Im aiming for!
Of course it hasnt all been about playing with fabrics, this time of year is always busy getting ready for Xmas and school events:
Yesterday was Cohens Athletics Carnival and the weather was glorious. I love watching the kids enjoying themselves but this year I really noticed how competitive the parents are.....of course that happens but these kids are so precious and its meant to be about having fun, right??
Maddi is getting ready for a school production of Romeo and Juilet and although they are modernising it, I cant wait to see it. It actually got her interested in reading Shakespeare (which is good) so she has been devoring my old copy of his Complete Works. She is also nominated for SRC (Student Representitive Council) for 2010 and again for Career Leader so its been all about application letters, speeches etc......whatever happens hun, we wish you all the success!!
Now for the winners of the giveaway.......congratulations to Adelphesmum and Sweet Pea. Could you both please email me your snail mail address and I will pop them in the post for you. Thanks for entering and I hope you enjoy the patterns and your Family Xmas


  1. Wow, you have been very busy. I wish I could get Aussie magazines here locally. I can't wait to see the next project...great job!

  2. Wait until they are in grade 5 and 6. Remember how the parents were then? Nasty, nasty. Was great catching up the other day.



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