Let the Holidays Begin!!

Its the kids last day of school today and then the holidays begin!! Both kids have had a fantastic year and you really have to commend the teachers on their hard work, their patience and guidance. They have done a wonderful job!!!
Its been a time of assemblies, BBQ's, concerts, SRC campaign/voting (congrats Mad on becoming SRC for 2010, wohoo!!!) and the production of Romeo and Juliet:
As a Shakespeare fan, I was eager to see the modernisation of the play and it was fantastic!! The teachers and kids should be very proud of the work they put into such an wonderful performance. It was great to see so many parents and relatives supporting the night and gaining a new understanding of a classic!
What little time Ive had left has been spent in the studio:
(playing around with the mystery quilt blocks)

(and stitching at night on a new design for 2010)

I know both kids will be eager for 3pm this afternoon and so will I (last school run of the year!!!!).

Let the holidays begin!!


  1. Woo Hoo!!! I only had to make one lunch this morning as two have finished for the yr. My kitchen is going in right now too

  2. Your mystery quilt is looking so pretty!

  3. Let the holidays begin!! Hope all of you will have a great one!

    Hmmm... looking at your mystery blocks, perhaps the layout might work after all... I like the contrast between your background and focus fabrics - the motives shows up better than in Bonnie's quilt... I need to play with mine ;o)

  4. Have great fun over the hols with the kids I'll be up one of these days after Christmas now though :-)


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