BOM Programs

Just wanted to share Paulines version of my BOM quilt "In Pop's Garden" (pics borrowed from her blog, thanks Pauline!!!):
She has done a fantastic job and I really like these colours, reminds me so much of my Pops garden, he would be very proud and doesnt the quilting look great? Looks all warm and cosy!!! If your interesting in doing this quilt as a BOM or would just like to purchase patterns, Pauline would be happy to help!

She can also help with my other 2 BOM programs, Family Values and Tender Moments!

I love to see other quilters versions of my patterns and soon I should be able to share some pics from another shop who are running Tender Moments as a BOM/Class and from what I hear are doing some amazing work!!

Still seem to be "chasing my tail' so its back to the studio and this organised chaos!!!


  1. It looks really lovely Rose...real country colours...I love it!
    sugary hugs :O) Wendyb

  2. Your patterns are awesome. Did I tell you that Jan finished the Tender Moments and her quilt is beautiful.

  3. Very nice job on your garden quilt - I know it pleases you to see someone else enjoying your creation. I have a few patterns that I have developed as well, and two of my friends have made quilts by one of them. It makes me happy to see them enjoyin the design.


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