Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Your Favorite Colour?

Whats your favorite colour?? Without a doubt mine is Blue. I use it a lot in my designs and if not in the fabrics, then defintely in the stitcheries! My nan was the same, she used blue a lot in her embrodieries, just like the one below:
She always told me she felt better in a blue dress and she had lots of them but when she wasnt wearing one, she always had a blue apron. To me blue is peaceful and calming and so so pretty.
When I buy a range of fabric or when I open a Jelly Roll, I always dive for the blue fabrics and base what Im working on around them. At the moment Im working on some projects for a magazine and they have asked that the designs lean more to pinks, purples, lemons and apricots. Not a huge challenge I guess, especially when this gorgeous little girl came into the family last week:
Our new niece and cousin, Tiffany Jane and really....... pink has never looked so pretty!!! Its my new favorite colour right now! Whats yours?


  1. Hello Rose

    Tiffany is adorable. I love babies. My favourite colour is red but I do like pink also. Having 3 boys its nice to have a few pretty colours in my house just for me.

  2. Rose
    I love babies 'specially when they are someone elses - I wish someone warned me that they turned into smelly teens!
    My favourite colour at the moment is RED... I love purpleyblues as well but red is it!

  3. Peach (orangy hue) is my very most favorite but I do love the blues and maroon too! Your new neice is adorable too!

  4. What a beautiful baby Rose and what a lovely name she has...
    My favorite color is blue too..all shades of it..i always buy the blue fabric first and then search another color around it...i made a hexagonquilt a long time ago in only shades of blue...it looked great.
    Enjoy your new niece...she will be a big girl before you know it...time flies!!
    greetings from Holland...Francien.

  5. the new baby is adorable.

    my favorite color is red. i enjoy a more bold color pallete, the jewel tones, real vibrant colors and tend to shy away from pastels. that said i have two little girlies who adore pink, pink and more pink.

  6. oohhh definitely burgundy... or maybe purple... love babies too wish i could have a few more.. they smell and feel so good

  7. What a BEAUTIFUL baby. Congratulations to your whole family. It's spring in NH and a lemon and peach colorway sounds devine.

  8. I always tell people I don't have a fav color - I love them all. But for some reason I have three containers of blue, where all the other colors share a container or just take one. Hmmmm..guess blue just catches my attention more, LOL.

  9. what a beautiful addition to your family....
    My favorite colour is green... no red... hang on I really like yellow.... and blues always jump out at me... so I guess I have a few, except purple can't cope with that in my stash although I like it in the garden...

  10. Awww...what a little sweetie. I love my grandchildren. And I'm sure you will enjoy your cute girlie just as much. Today my favorite color is pink - but usually it's yellow.

  11. What a pretty baby! Blue is #1 with me too. I never get tired of it. Grandma once made me a blue velvet dress that I just loved to death! 8) I love color.



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