Catching Up

Im not ignoring my blog, I just cant seem to find that extra hour in the day to keep up with it. Im sure this is the same for everyone, life just gets so busy!!!
Its school holidays here and we are enjoying the break. Its been a huge start to the year for all of us with the promise of much more in the coming months! Board games have become our favorite way to unwind!
On the sewing front, I have been busy stitching projects for later in the year and working on magazine commissons, like the one above. This one is really pretty and the Hartfield fabrics are lovely, cant wait to share this one fully.
I came across a free Twilight BOM earlier in the year and I knew I wouldnt have the time to make the whole quilt but I really wanted to try this "Forbidden Fruit" block. Maddi is an avid Twilight fan (Jacob fan to be more precise) so Im using this block as the centre of a cushion for her. Paper piecing isnt my favorite but I actually enjoyed making this block, now I just have to remove all that paper!!!
Back to some stitching and watching DVD's with the kids!


  1. Rose,I was in Tasmania for 3 months in our motorhome and stopped at Exeter to get our generator fixed. Right opposite Calico Crossroads!
    So naturally, I had a look inside and noticed the lovely quilt Pauline had on the wall. My two cocker spaniels bought me (no treats needed) the BOM "In Pops Garden" for me for Mothers Day! The block was waiting for me when I returned.
    Just about finished block is even better than I hoped, and can't wait to share the finished photo of it with my friends on the Craft Forum. Thanks for designing such a fresh quilt!

  2. oh love that block rose..very very have done a nice job too..ha ha..just read first blog notice..hello block due out next week...was great meeting you..

  3. The Twilight block looks great, hun! I know a girl who will be thrilled with it (and perhaps she is willing to pick out the paper for you? *lol*)

    Oh-oh-oh, do I know what the Hartfield sneak peek is? The little part you show looks lovely (you know I love the fabrics, kept the table runner I made from my charm pack for myself *lol*).

    Enjoy the school holidays!!!
    Lots of hugs and stitches from me

  4. well hello there, I was wondering where you many cobwebs and dust in See you Friday........Kids cant wait.


  5. Oh I know what you mean about blog time, I've been very time poor this year! Love your scrabble words...havent played that for years! Happy Holidays, Cathyx

  6. I hope all is well with you and your family - taking a blog break for vacation and not because there is any sort of trouble. I miss your posts!


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