Thanks and Sweet 16!!

Hugs to everyone for the lovely messages/texts/emails on the passing of both my grandparents. I havent answered anyone because I just cant right now (cant really express how I feel, just trying to keep it normal) but all of the family have read and found comfort in each and every heartfelt thought......thank u, from all of us! We will miss them both! Heaps!!!
Amid all the sadness, our sweet little girl turned 16!!! How did that happen?? I have vivid memories of her in her crib the day she was born, so sweet, so innocent, so dependant. Now she looks at me with that same "needing" but now its different, now its Driving Lessons:

Yeh she has my car (my"Oh no! dont hit, the Cruze" new car.........and for those who love and know me, this is a "biggie" lol). She will have her own car in the next few weeks and this leaves me pondering...........this whole "teaching kids to drive is tough, really tough" but Im a total control freak and neither of my kids will leave home without my "nagging" voice planted in their heads (Les is a fantastic driver and would be a great teacher.....did I mention Im a control freak???).

Im so happy for is really starting to happen. She has never been one to grow up before she needs to, theres no rebellion, no sassing or resentment, no envy of other kids! Keep your focus baby, look at life on that huge scale and strive for your goals but remember no matter what happens, whatever path you take..............I will be there for you, right by your side, just as I was the day you were born! Love u Muff, 4EVA xxx
Happy 16th!!!


  1. OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE sweet sixteen no less , Gosh wish I was sixteen I think better than my 60 :):)

  2. Thank-you so much, Mummy!!!

    Love you so much and I hope you know that it is also the other way round. I will be there for you till the end :)

  3. happy birthday Maddie....

    driving turns you grey at times!!!! I've got one that's 18 soon...6 months grace and kiddo 2 turns 16.....

    keep smiling!

  4. Happy Sweet 16 to your daughter! And I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your grandparents. They looked like a lovely, devoted couple who were blessed with many years together and very little time apart, but that doesn't make it any easier on you! Please accept my deepest condolences.

    Susan in Texas


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