Secret Stuff!!!

Taking some time out from RPA....for non Aussies, this is a "graphic" medical program which I watch in support (under sufferance, ewwww and try not to look!!) with our aspiring medical student, actually post some "secret" work!
School holidays saw the whole family sick with the worst flu ever, so energy levels were low but I did manage to work on a project for Creating Country Threads. And I actually did use hand blanket stitch for this one, when my machine was calling me to cheat lol!!!
This project is called "Greatest Gift" and it will be in print earlier next year and I will share more then!! It expresses exactly how I feel right now! and it's such a pretty project!!! plus lots of fun to make!!
Ive also been hand quilting "another one of those projects I just cant share yet". As far as handquilting goes, hmmm Im not getting better but Im not getting any worse either lol Dare I attempt a full hand quilted quilt???.......hmmmm maybe, soon!! Im loving hand quilting!! That "puffiness" fills me with joy!!!
Back really soon with an overdue finish and a new pattern addition to the Threadbare range!!


  1. Sew pretty!!! I will have to keep a look out for it that Country Threads issue.

  2. So very pretty Rose. I always love your patterns.

  3. Rose this secret snatch looks really pretty. You'll have to let us know which Country Threads it's in, so we don't miss out.
    Rainbow smiles, Gloria


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