Blogging Friends

I truely value the friendships I have made through this little blog and I was very fortunate last week to visit Leigh in Melbourne, who has been a blogger friend for 3 years now (even though she doesnt have a blog anymore but we keep in touch/stalking each other lol through emails and texts!!).
She opened her home and her family to me and I had a real "grown up" holiday, eating in lovely restaurants, shopping in beautiful shops and getting to know her in person, which I loved...... lots of chats and laughs and experiencing her fornightly Craft Group (loved it, these ladies really know how to have fun!! My place next time girls!!!!)

I had my camera with me all weekend but came home with about 6 shots (bad blogger me). Heres one of the views on the Great Ocean Road. The scenery was amazing and I enjoyed it immensely!!!

To all those Mums (and Dads) who sat with the kids and watched Paul Jennings "Round The Twist", this is the lighthouse where the series was filmed!! Huge lighthouse!!! And I also saw the cottage of Helen "Nell" Richards who lived next door!! Beautiful little town!!!

We did visit one new quilt shop and I picked up some Luna Notte fabric but my favorite purchase was this gorgeous scarf, very sweet. Thanks sooooooo much Leigh and Ross, I had an amazing few days in your home, got to recharge those tired batteries and cemented a lifelong friendship!!! You have to come to visit us in Tassie soon!!!
Just finally, in the garden today Les discovered these two little guys!! The nest is soooooo intricate and the chicks are sooooooooo cute. We think they are Wattle birds and if I can, Ill take photos of their growth and progress!!


  1. hi Rose, nice pics..glad you had a nice break away...

  2. Thanks for sharing your visit with us through pictures. You do a great job with your photography.

  3. Wonderful pictures! Glad you enjoyed your break.

  4. Love that is around 90 mins drive away.......and have not seen it for a while.

    Trivia time here.....I went to teachers college with Paul Jennings, he was a year behind me...and one day in my last couple of years teaching this guy walked into the staff room and greeted me by name...I looked somewhat stunned until I quickly remembered that the library had a visitor that day. With a memory like that wonder he is a great author. We had our 50th college reunion last month...I did not make it...but it was apparently a great time.


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