Pretty Finishes!

2010 has been an emotional rollercoaster year for our family and Im welcoming the New Year (bigtime) but Ive always found much needed "me time" and great solace in my stitching and over the months Ive stitched heaps and the pile keeps growing and the ideas keep flowing:
Every chance I have (which realistically hasnt been much in the last month or so, due to one thing or another) I have had some "pretty finishes" using my stitcheries for release later next year!! Picking layouts, fabrics and seeing the final result exceeds those "wild" ideas I had in my head, earlier in the year:

Still lots of work to do but Im slowly making progress and with every tick off my list Im finding satisfaction, "my lost mojo", a day to actually work and that pride of another "pretty" finished project.

Speaking of pretty finishes:

Our gorgeous daughter, Maddi finishes High School tomorrow and this is my favorite photo from her Grad night on Tuesday night!!! The whole day was magic and being able to spend that time with her, help her get ready for her special night, was an experience Ill never forget. A true mother/daughter day that makes me smile/cry (sob lol) everytime I think of it!!!

Love u Muff!!!! Goodbye High School, hello College!!!!


  1. I pray 2011 will be a better year emotionally for you and the family. My tears of joy and wonder come tomorrow night. Where did the babies go????


  2. Wow Maddy how good she looks cant wait to see your new stitchery

  3. It's great to hear you back, Rosie! Your daughter is so beautiful! I had a hard time when my oldest started High School this year. I wish you all the best in 2011.

  4. Maddi is gorgeous Rose. My Katie graduated too and is off to college nextyear - They must be the same age. I am sorry that 2010 wasn't so good for you - I too will be pleased to see the back of it. Let's hope 2011 is fantastic for us both !! Hugs - Fee X

  5. Your daughter is beautiful. Sending them off to college is also hard, but something we have to do. Happy holidays and a great New Year to You and Your family.

  6. Lovely stitching Rose, can't wait to see more. Your daughter is so pretty, our children grow up way too fast don't they. My middle son starts high school this, I'm more nervous than he is.


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