A Very Busy Week.....

......and it isnt over yet!!!

Ive had a huge week in the studio and managed to prep some applique DJ Blocks ready to stitch at Craft this weekend and I also finished 2 of the pieced ones, bringing my tally to 50 Blocks :
A9- Cabin Fever, A11- Pebbles Protest
I started doing these blocks in random order (ok I just picked the easiest ones lol) but Ive decided to work my way through the rows and Im aiming to have Row A completed and sashed in the next week or two!
I also finished up a new Threadbare project...... more on that later:
And spent some time with the pencil, designing my next stitchery:
Please dont look at the messy pencil lines, drawing is a struggle for me....... lucky Im a neat stitcher lol.
Hope everyone is having a great, productive week!!!!


  1. Looks intresting good work with the DJ blocks

  2. I wish I had drawing ability. I can picture things in my head but not do so well putting it on paper.

  3. Lovely blocks! And your drawing looks great too! Exciting :o)
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Oh, more lovely DJ blocks! You really are making progress on this one! Way to go on reaching the 50 blocks tally! Smart idea going row by row and sashing as you finish the rows, I'd do that, you know how much I hate doing all the sashing in the end.

    New Threadbare projects I haven't seen??? You getting me curious about these sneak peeks! :o)

  5. Your DJ blocks are beautiful, great job. I love to see your drawings, I wish I was as talented as you are.

  6. I REALLY Like your drawing too - do you free hand quilted drawings on your quilts too?

  7. You are doing great on your DJ - I really have to get mine back out of the UFO stack and work on those kite blocks.

    The teaser picture of the new project is enough to make me want to see more - love the fabric and that button is just too cute.

    I would love to be able to draw stitchery projects!


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