Long Weekend

We had a very much needed 3 day weekend, this weekend and while I would have loved to lay back and relax like some:

I had a very busy weekend quilting (which really is my favorite part):

Lots and lots of stippling, great fun!!! But every time you close your eyes thats all you see lol!!

Our thoughts are with all those in Japan! The devastion is heartbreaking.....what is happening to our world??


  1. Your quilt looks great. I must get my courage up and try out machine quilting beyond the ditch .

  2. Mariah looks sooo relaxed - oh, to be a cat, eh? *lol*

    Look forward to seeing that project all quilted and bound!!!

  3. Beautiful quilt.

    I have a few Japanese friends and some of them have managed to get on Facebook. I am encouraging anyone who has Japanese friends or contacts to try to use the internet to contact them - they seem to be so grateful even for the news that we care.


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