Cubs Badge

Cohen's BF Justin needed to learn a new craft to achieve his Silver Medallion for Cubs so he and his mum asked me to teach him how to stitch. Choosing a design was easy, it had to be Ben 10 right??? (so over Ben 10 myself lol)
This is Justins favorite character Xceler8 and it was a good choice because there are some fiddly bits but mostly large areas for him to practice on.
He did a really great job, especially since he has never sewn before and seemed to be enjoying it, all except the pink hoop lol......sorry mate, didnt have any boy coloured ones to lend you!!

Hes chosen some lovely Ben 10 fabric to use as borders and it looks as if we might frame the end result.........great part is, he will earn his badge, have learnt a new skill and have something to admire for years to come!!

More pictures when its completed!!!


  1. Guys have such a fixation on pink - I think my son is afraid to even touch anything with pink on it. Looks like you did good in helping him to get going.

  2. Great idea to make handcrafts a little more appealing and help keep the art alive

  3. I LOVE it....what and excellent idea...and where on earth do you get Ben 10 fabric from?? My daughters BF is Ben & his nick name is Ben 10...would be great to whip him up something in the fabric...


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