Gift of Giving!

Motivation and creativity have taken a back seat these last 3 months since losing Les's mum, replaced with the sad task of settling probate, clearing out the family home, choosing a real estate agent and then as of last week, finding a buyer!!

Admist all the processes and emotions you have to go through, I received a lovely email a few weeks back from Kelly of Ginger Quilts! She had been clearing out her sewing supplies and wondered if I would like to use some stitching supplies she had!

Of course I was thrilled that she thought of me and a few days later this parcel of goodies arrived on my doorstep!! (and I didnt notice until I uploaded this pic but one of the stitchery cottons has rolled to the top left hand corner duh!!). Some beautiful linen, pellon, stabiliser and those gorgeous cottons, plus a notebook which Kelly has written a lovely letter in!!! Thank you so much Kelly, I truly appreciate your generosity and have been itching to use it!!

I also want to share something that Maddi is hoping to do next year:

She has a great interest in the "Projects Abroad" program and in 2012, her college will be sending 10 students to..........

........Cambodia (and Vietnam). Their main aim is to offer assistance in the orphanages in Cambodia. She has already expressed her interest to the co-ordinator and has joined the fund raising committee. I have decided to offer a few new designs where my wholesale proceeds will be donated to the committee, more on that soon!!! Should be fun and hopefully successful as it will be a fantastic experience for the kids and one that Im sure Maddi will continue to do throughout her life (these programs are amazing!!!)

Time to hit the studio!! And Kelly, for my first fundraising design, I will be using your generous gift so its a gift that just keeps giving :)

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  1. Hi Rose

    Your new project sounds absolutely wonderful :) I wish I had the gift of stitchery like you do. I can't wait to see the finished product :)


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