A Touch Of Vintage Modern

House renovations are still in full swing (doubt they will ever be finished) and the targetted room at the moment is the lounge room. Over time your tastes change and gone are all the warm country colours, the dark timber skirtings and doorframes, the handstitched cushions, the walls filled with tapestries, cross stitches (never wanna see those again) and wall quilts........all to be replaced with things a little more modern and fresh or "grown up" as a friend of mine likes to refer to it (hey Jules lol)
So a new room needs some new quilts and I started with these gorgeous fabrics:

These colours are so pretty and I have loved working with the fabrics so far:
These are the first five rows Ive managed to get done at night after a hard day sanding, filling countless holes and cracks and painting. Happy with the way its coming along and looking forward to adding the next section.
Looking at ways to display a few new quilts in the lounge and I remembered I had this stand:
My MIL used to use it in her bathroom to hang towels but I think with a good sand and a new coat of white paint, it will work perfectly :)


  1. Looks good with Nanna Sharons Quilt on there

  2. Love the Vintage Modern quilt!!


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