Just A Little More

Its been another busy and tiring week, renovations are on track and we have finally ordered a house lot of new carpet.........our first installment will be laid in two weeks so it means we now have to finish both the lounge and the hall to be ready.  Its all exciting and Ive had to call in the "big guns" aka Dad, to help me out :) one of the perks of his retirement I guess!
In those rare, spare moments of my day, I have added to my new quilt and loving the progress so far:
I just adore these Bonnie and Camille fabrics.......Ive ordered some of their "Marmalade" range for a new bed quilt for our room :)
Yesterday marked exactly one month until Maddi heads off to Cambodia with a group of 11 other enthusiastic students and three dedicated teachers.  They have worked so hard all year raising money for the trip and to build four new houses for a much needed community! It will be a wonderful experience for her and Im sure this will be the first trip of many.....the countdown is on :)


  1. WOW lots going on in your world sounds very goodley LOL
    Email me if you have time I lost your addie when I changed laptops .

  2. Love your quilt. Seem like you are very busy.

  3. Love the fabrics in this quilt! I have emailed you regarding the Prairie Pasley fabric....yes I'm very keen...not sure if you received my message though, Cathy xxx


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