Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Challenge

As soon as Maddi saw these gorgeous "My Sunshine" fabrics by Zoe Pearn, she fell in love with them. Apparently (according to her) its time I made her a new quilt :) and as always she set me a challenge.
Her brief was a fully pieced quilt, no flowers, no stars, something pretty, something different and could it possibly have some relevance to Dr Who (shes a huge fan)..........yeh right, no worries lol
But I love being challenged so I worked on a few ideas before designing a pattern that she really loves and it pretty much fits her brief :) and I will be releasing this pattern to my range :)
Now just to find the time to get much going on here, a massive deadline looming, a quilt top screaming for attention, patterns that need to be written and ideas that need to come to life quickly!! It was beginning to overwhelm me so I spent the day writing lists and action plans and taking to time to breathe and look at how much I have actually achieved in the last few months, which Im excited to share!
Hopefully it wont be too long till I can attack that stack of yummy fabrics and begin :)

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