Whats in Issue Four- A Preview

Issue Four of the Threadbare Ezine is all about celebrating August and September and will be covering Children's Book Week, Spring Cleaning, Fathers Day and Football Finals.  I have had too many ideas for projects (which is always a good thing) so I will have to see how many I can accomplish in the time frame :)
Spring Cleaning means a lot of time spent in the laundry, washing etc, so the projects are designed to spruce up your surroundings while you work.
Both of these projects are quick and easy and fun to make :)
There will be four Fathers Day projects and I'm sure they will delight any dad:
These little neck ties, remind me of my dads tie collection when I was growing up or though dad had a bright purple paisley one which he wore most often (and he probably still has it).
If your dads a golfer, like mine, he will love this project. This only takes a couple of hours to complete but I'm sure it will be admired for years to come.
And if hes a lover of Chess, like my husband is, this will be a great gift idea for him. 
We are avid AFL fans so the Grand Final is a big event in our house and usually signifies the first BBQ of the warmer season. The Football Finals section has three projects and will also include templates for Soccer, Rugby and Gridiron for you to adapt the projects, depending on your families preferences.
Children's Book Week is a fun dress up time for the kids and its a great way to encourage them to read. There will be both a girls and boys project plus two little projects which would be great as gifts or for you to make just for yourself :)
So that's a little look inside the next issue. It will be available early July :) 

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