Free August Calendar

July seems to be flying by in a blur; its been another crazy month but August is fast upon us, so its time for your free August calendar:
I'm still in "birthday mode", so this months featured quilt is my very first BOM quilt, Family Values. I released this quilt in 2007 and since then, I have seen it finished in so many gorgeous colour ways and it still remains one of my all time favorite quilts. It holds a special meaning to me, as my husband and children helped design each of the 20 stitcheries and each sentiment is close to our hearts and our little family :)
Family Values is available in PDF form, in my store, as a 5 part series:
Each part contains 4 individual stitchery patterns and instructions to complete the blocks. The final instructions for the quilt construction are included in Blocks 17-20.
Each part is currently available HERE for $5.95 and until the end of July 2014, if you use the code BIRTHDAY at the checkout, you will receive a 15% discount on your purchase.
I love the quote I have chosen for this months calendar. There is no greater bond than family and as Les and I watch our little family grow and change and make lifelong memories, it fills our hearts with joy and purpose.
To download and print your August calendar, just go HERE.
I'm currently working on the fifth issue of the Threadbare ezine and finishing the quilt top of my latest design, Asteria (cant wait to share this quilt with you, its sooooo pretty!) Back to it and I hope that August brings, joy, peace and happiness to you and your families :)

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