For my Ezine Readers.....

Due to some unexpected (and exciting) personal and business opportunities, which I really want to pursue, I have had to make a change to the order of my Ezines for 2014. Issue Five was originally planned to "Celebrate October and November" and was due to be released early next month. Time restraints are a problem for everyone and I wouldn't be comfortable, releasing something that had not received my full attention and dedication.
So, with that being said,  Issue Five is changing and will now be celebrating "December and January". It will be released early November and I will revisit my Oct/Nov Ezine later next year to complete the set.
I do apologise but I'm sure you understand the work involved to produce each of the ezines and how important it is to me to make sure each issue is jam packed with diverse projects and inspiration that are useful in our everyday lives.
At the moment, I'm finishing up the quilting on my new design Asteria:
I'm sooooo in love with this quilt and cant wait to share it with you. Its taken me a little longer than hoped, to finish the quilting but its been so worth the effort. Asteria should be released in the next few days and then its straight on to a new design, which I'm equally excited about :) More on that later.

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