Free September Calendar

It's hard to believe its almost September, where has this year gone?? Well, its time for your new free calendar:
In Australia, Spring is definitely in the air :) Gorgeous bursts of colour are popping up all over the city, and are welcoming signs of warmer weather on the way. The days are longer, the sunshine more frequent and its a time for new plans, new projects and new beginnings.
We have great plans for this Spring. Our front garden was excavated at the end of Autumn, removing all the old garden beds and plants and now its time to replant and inject some colour and fragrance into our garden :) Our sunroom is next on our (never ending) renovation list, so with a new roof, its time for new flooring, paintwork and decoration so we can enjoy it (instead of using it for storage, like we have been over winter). Quite enough to keep us busy while we are full of Spring motivation :)
There's lots happening in my studio at the moment, as well.....a magazine project (for later in the year), a free pattern (coming to the blog very soon) and a new quilt design using these gorgeous "Sidewalks" fabrics:
I love these fabrics and have been saving them for this design. The layout is a little different to my other borders!!! I do love framing a design with pretty borders but not this time.
A HUGE thank you to all who have purchased Asteria. I'm hoping to see some of these quilts, so if you use Instagram, be sure to tag them #threadbarecreations and I can have a look :) Or email me some pictures and with your permission, I'll share them on here.
To download and print your September calendar, just visit HERE.
I hope September is a wonderful month for you and your family.

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