Quick Reference Chart Blocks/Layout

My third Quick Reference Chart is a guide for calculating the number of blocks required to achieve the ideal size for the three most popular quilts, depending on the initial size of the block:
I prefer to keep my quilt blocks under 10" because I love working on smaller blocks but I did include 11" and 12" layouts as well, just to be helpful.
This chart is a guide for a horizontal layout and doesn't take into account any sashings that you may wish to include, so you will have to modify your requirements accordingly. It is also based on the size of the mattress only, so you will need to add borders or make extra blocks if you prefer, to achieve the required drop or overhang.
Its a handy little guide when planning your larger projects and gives you a clearer idea of how many blocks you will need to sew, depending on the block size and it also gives a suggested layout, to achieve the ideal size for your quilt.
To download and print this reference chart, just visit HERE.
The have one more chart for you, which I'll post next week but for now I hope the ones I have already shared have been useful. If you have missed the first two, there are listed in the "Free Printables" tab, at the top of my blog, under "Sewing Room".

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