Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Chatelaine- Free BOW Sampler Quilt Block 22

This weeks lovely block is called Double Star. I have mentioned previously, that I love pretty star blocks and this one is no exception. I adore how the stars are snugly nestled together and with my colour placement, it looks like a lovely stack of overlaying stars.
Have a play around with your colour placement on this one. I'll be interested to see your interpretations of this block :)
You will be working with smaller pieces, so it is a little fiddly but once all the units are complete, its quite quick to put together.
To download this weeks block, just visit HERE.
Happy sewing :)


  1. Thank you for these free blocks. I am fairly new to quilting (and computer!) and by chance came upon them. Now I can try out different blocks and hopefully finish a quilt some or other time.

  2. Thank you for these free blocks. As I am fairly new to quilting (as well as computer!) I came upon this site quite by chance. Now I have lots of lovely blocks to try out.


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