Sophie- Part 9 and 10

I thought I'd share an update on my Sophie blanket. Currently, I have just completed Part 10 and its been lovely to snuggle under its bulk on these cold winter nights and crochet away.
This was how it looked at the end of Part 9; another little garden of popcorn flowers. The pattern is either getting easier or I'm becoming a more accomplished crocheter, because this part went quite smoothly, without any unraveling :)
And here's were I am at the moment, at the end of Part 10:
It's quite large now and starting to square up again. It's also becoming quite difficult to photograph and in desperate need of blocking, but I love every bit of it :)
So that puts me at the half way point with this blanket. I'm really looking forward to what the rest of the parts have to add to this already beautiful project :)
Back to the hook :)

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