Greg Mystery CAL Part 2

I have just completed Part 2 of Spincushions, Greg Mystery CAL and this installment was all about this stunning little square, JOE:
It's is such a lovely pattern and it didn't take long for me to crochet my first square. For Part 2, I needed twelve little 5" JOE blocks and I worked on them while watching afternoon movies with the kids.
Blocking takes a little time and patience but I think they still look pretty, during this process:
So here's my stack of twelve JOE blocks, all ready and waiting for the next installment:
I'm really enjoying this project so far and I'm excited to see how it will all piece together :)  For now its back to the final two rows of my Sophie. This blanket is so close to completion and it looks gorgeous. I'll share some pictures of its completion, next week.

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