Chatelaine- Free Chatelaine BOW Sampler Quilt Block 58

This weeks gorgeous block is Odd Scraps Patchwork. This block reminds me that quilts were originally made using whatever scraps where on hand. Now days we buy the perfect fabrics for specific projects, ignoring what we may already have, even though we loved it enough to purchase it.
One of my goals for 2016, is to use my stash as much as I can. Sometimes, I wonder just how many quilts can be made from the fabric I have (and I wouldn't consider my stash large), so it will be interesting to see what I can create.
I really wanted to include this block in our quilts but I was undecided on the easiest way to present the pattern to you. I settled on giving you three options to achieve the perfect sized block and you can choose what one works best for you.
Because of the Math, its another of those blocks that needs to be taken to the nearest 1/16" and there is no way to "fluff" this one. I chose this option, so if you are confident to give it a try, the cutting guide is included in the pattern file.
If that option doesn't appeal to you, I've also included a template sheet, so you can cut the exact size shapes and I've also included paper piecing templates; both of these options will give you a perfect finish.
If you have any concerns, just email me and I will try and help you complete your block
To download this weeks pattern, including all three options, just visit HERE.
I have one more block for you for 2015 and then I'll take a little break until early January, but more on that next week :)
Happy sewing :)

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