Monday, December 7, 2015

Greg CAL Update

In the last few installments of the Greg Mystery CAL, I have been working on four of the large feature squares, called BOB:
This was my progress after the first installment. I fell in love with these squares, instantly and with each installment, I added something new to love.
I love the corner detail that was added at the end of Part 2. Each installment was quite quick and easy to complete and every Monday, I was anxiously awaiting a new part to be delivered to my inbox.
So over the four weeks my BOB squares were completed and these are lovely. They finish at 15" square and were the last squares of the CAL. I was eager to join mine all together and uncover the mystery, so last night I sat up late until I had sewn the final stitches
I was thrilled with the end result and all I need to do now is add a border and my Greg blanket is complete. It was such a fun project to work on and I'm sure sometime in the future I will make another, but for now I need to add the seven row, final border.
Back to the hook :)

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