Chocolate Kisses

Picture, if you will, those Easter mornings when our kids were little and they would run excitedly into our bedroom, struggling to climb on the bed because they had to keep a firm hold on that precious half eaten Easter egg with one hand. They were dressed in toasty flannelette pyjamas, their bed hair would be an unruly mass of curls and their faces and hands were one giant, sticky, chocolate mess.......and then they would kiss you.
Oh that delightful chocolate kiss first thing in the morning; completely unforgettable and also the inspiration behind my new Easter design, Chocolate Kisses:
Of course our kids are all grown up now but one thing remains the same; chocolate is always on the menu for breakfast Easter Sunday. Its that one day of the year, when its totally acceptable to skip the oatmeal and devour one of those yummy chocolate eggs first, no matter how old you are :)
I had a lot of fun designing this cushion. I adore the applique eggs with their pretty flowing ribbons and those big red applique kisses. A few old, mismatched buttons were the perfect finish for this design. Did you notice that I also put kisses in the buttons, because you can never have too many kisses, can you?
I have machine appliqued around my shapes but if you prefer you could applique by hand using a blanket stitch or you could add a seam allowance and needle turn, if that's your preferred applique method.
There's plenty of lovely negative space to showcase some pretty quilting and I chose an all over loopy kinda stipple which gives the cushion that touch of femininity.  I finished the cushion with some binding, because I think it frames the main design and gives the cushion a lovely neat, professional finish.
The cushion finishes at around 14" but of course it would be easy to make it either larger or smaller, depending on your needs. Its a quick and easy project to sew, especially if your short on time this Easter and it would look lovely in any room of the house.
If you would like to make your own Chocolate Kisses cushion, PDF patterns are now available for $4.95 (AU), in my Big Cartel shop HERE.
Or if you prefer an instant download, they are also available in my Etsy shop HERE.
Happy sewing and I hope there's lots of chocolate kisses, coming your way :)

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