Chatelaine- Free BOW Sampler Quilt Horizontal Layouts

Traditionally, sampler blocks are set using either a horizontal or an on point layout. Within these two layouts there are many, many more options; each unique and changing the way your quilt looks and the effect it creates. So before I finish sharing all of the blocks, we should begin to think about how your Chatelaine Sampler Quilt will look.
As for the placement of your sampler blocks; that's all up to you! It can be challenging to achieve random placement while ensuring you have a good balance of colour, fabric and design throughout the quilt, but keep playing with the block placement, until you are happy.
So, lets have a look at some options or inspiration for a horizontal layout.  For each of these layouts, you will require 80 x 6 1/2" (unfinished) sampler blocks and we are working with a 8 x 10 grid:
Option 1A                                                             Option 1B
Both of these options include a narrow sashing and some cornerstones, but the colours have been reversed. Option 1A allows the sampler blocks to "float" in the setting whilst Option 1B "hugs" and defines the blocks. It is a personal preference; but you can see that the feel of the quilt changes, just by reversing the colours.
Option 2A                                                                  Option 2B
In Options 2A and 2B, I have omitted the cornerstones on the outer edges of the setting, giving them both, long vertical and horizontal sashings. This option really draws you eye to the centre of the quilt.
    Option 3A                                                                 Option 3B
For this layout, I have omitted all of the cornerstones and given the setting long vertical sashings. The blocks are defined in Option 3A but I have floated the blocks in Option 3B by alternating the colour of the long sashings.
Option 4A                                                                Option 4B
For a square setting, Option 4A is all uniform and symmetrical and this layout is quite pretty. Option 4B is a little more of an "out of the box" setting but I still like it and I think it could look quite effective and it would be something different.
Option 5A                                                                Option 5B
Some sampler quilts have a lovely medallion centre, which is usually a larger pieced block. If you are looking for a similar setting, then either of these two options, or a combination of them both, may appeal to you. Your eye is immediately drawn to the sixteen blocks in the centre square and the other blocks act as a gorgeous frame.
Option 6A                                                                  Option 6B
And finally, for something completely different, Options 6A and 6B. With so many blocks to admire, both of these layouts segment the quilt, so you are focusing on smaller sections. A layout like this allows you to focus on a smaller number of blocks.
So that's just some of my ideas for a horizontal setting. I hope you find something there that you like or that these, might inspire you to create something of your own. Consider, combining elements from any of my suggestions and add a few of your own, to make something beautiful and unique :)
I have compiled a free file which includes all of the cutting instructions, diagrams, tips etc., for each of the twelve options, to help with the construction of your quilt top.
To download the complete file, just visit HERE.
Next time, I'll share my ideas for an on point setting, so you will be armed with plenty of options to make your Chatelaine Sampler a truly beautiful quilt :)
Happy sewing :)

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