Chatelaine- Free BOW Sampler Quilt Bonus Blocks

I've shared all 83 blocks with you and believe me I could share hundreds and hundreds more. There are so many amazing and stunning blocks to be pieced and my Chatelaine Sampler represents just a small portion of my favorites.
My blocks are together and I'm still plotting and planning my borders, but here's a little sneak peak:
I realise that we don't all share the same tastes or skill levels, so some of the blocks may not appeal to you or they may have been a little tricky and you decided to skip them, so I've decided to give you some bonus blocks.
I've compiled a file of 9 Bonus Blocks and most of these are blocks you would normally expect to find in a sampler: Nine Patch, Economy Block, Birds In The Air etc. but I've also included a couple, just for fun i.e. Love Heart and Pinwheels.
I didn't sew samples of these blocks to show you, but all the diagrams, instructions and templates are included in the file, to assist you in making some more pretty blocks.
You can use the bonus blocks as replacements for any of the blocks I've shared or keep them in your file as reference for future projects (seriously your block library can never be too big).
To download and print the complete file of 9 Bonus Blocks, just visit HERE.
That means my "block a week" sharing has come to an end :( but I will be back soon to discuss border options and over the coming weeks, you will be bombarded with pictures of my Chatelaine Quilt.
Until then......happy sewing :)


  1. You take the word "generous" to a new level. Thanks sew much.

  2. Thank you so much for this BOW that went way beyond the weeks in a year!! I have saved all of them. And I look forward to being bombarded with your completed quilt :)

  3. I took a look through, Rose. Lovely additions!

  4. your blocks are so beautiful and the colours so soft and pretty. the quilt top is looking just amazing.... How many of the blocks are in your quilt? Thanks so much for your generous sharing of the blocks

  5. Loving the sneak peek. Thankyou for sharing the blocks. Hugs,xx

  6. Thanks Rose for all the hard work, I loved the sneak peak, looking forward to more photos and thank you again for the additional blocks. How is the crochet going?? Guida

  7. thank you thank you thank you - its been such fun following along even if I haven't kept up with the sewing - really looking forward to being bombarded with photos of your gorgeous quilt !


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